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World Record

World Record column belongs to Leisure Category of 18DAO online reference service. It provides many kinds of sports world records like: Aquatics, Archery, Athletics, Cycling - track, Shooting, Skating - short track, Skating - speed skating and Weightlifting etc.

Aquatics - swimming (MEN)

Aquatics - swimming (WOMEN)

Archery (MEN)

Archery (WOMEN)

Athletics (MEN)

Athletics (WOMEN)

Cycling - track (MEN)

Cycling - track (WOMEN)

Shooting (MEN)

Shooting (WOMEN)

Skating - short track (MEN)

Skating - short track (WOMEN)

Skating - speed skating (MEN)

Skating - speed skating (WOMEN)

Weightlifting (MEN)

Weightlifting (WOMEN)


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