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Chinese Astrology/Feng Shui

Is your career not living up to your expectations? Are things cooling off in the relationship department? Do the stocks you pick always go down? The arrangement of your furniture may have more to do with it than you think. According to Feng Shui, the way you decorate has a huge impact on many aspects of your life.

If your home or work environment is disorganized amid a jumble of haphazardly-placed furniture, chances are your finances, health and emotional well-being will be just as messy.

The Feng Shui Story

For over five thousand years, the practice of Feng Shui has been passed down among generations in Chinese culture. Feng Shui is based on the Taoist concept that everything is comprised of energy called Chi. When the energy in an environment is not flowing properly, it can cause disharmony. Feng Shui works to balance this energy in order to achieve greater productivity, happiness and health.

Feng Shui experts use a map to determine the proper placement of things in the home or office. Every space has areas coinciding with relationships, wealth, success, health, children and learning. The objects in each of these areas should be positioned in a certain way or problems may enter your life. Certain colors and plants, as well as chimes and mirrors, are used to improve a particular situation.

As part of optimizing an environment, Feng Shui practitioners recognize that all living and non-living things (all of the things around us) are connected. If one thing is off-kilter or out of place, it has the potential to affect other areas of our lives. Feng Shui has applications in a number of arts and sciences related to the environment and our personal well-being, among them architecture, geography, astrology, landscape design and psychology. Through integrating personal energy with the energies in a particular space, Feng Shui can provide clarity and a heightened sense of well-being.

The intricacies of Feng Shui can take years to learn. However, it is possible to learn and understand some of the basic concepts of Feng Shui fairly quickly and thereby improve your environment and life. Feng Shui can help you understand why certain patterns exist in your life and in particular environments. Many of the basic tenets of Feng Shui are exceedingly sensible and offer practical applications for improving specific areas of your life.

You don't need a map or years of experience in order to start improving your home or work environment. The following are a few easy steps designed to bring results today!

General Guide Lines

A cluttered and messy environment keeps energy from flowing properly. Start off by cleaning your home or office and getting rid of anything that is no longer useful. If anything is in need of repair, simply fix it or throw it away. Take care of the little things that have been piling up such as bills and letters. Doing this allows you to start with a clean slate and helps you gain a renewed sense of clarity. Use plants in your environment as well, and keep them healthy, well-fed and watered. Plants with round leaves are preferable to other varieties. Drafts should also be cut off as they can carry away money and cause health problems. Finally, avoid excessive overhead light and keep sharp-cornered objects to a minimum.

Entrances and Exits

The front door has much to do with the flow of energy into and out of your home or office. From the outside, make sure the front door is clearly visible and open. Clear away plants and anything else blocking the front door. Also, be sure the walkway is clean and provides direct access to the door. Once inside, you should have happy, expansive feelings about the space. This can be achieved with a wide entrance hall or lobby, ample natural light and a clean and simple decor. Note that three or more windows or doors in a row should be avoided; this pattern causes energy to flow too quickly. A wind chime placed between the doors or windows counteracts this negative pattern.

The Facilities

Toilets and drains have the potential to drain your health and financial resources. Keep the toilet seat down and plug sink drains when not in use. Keep bathroom doors closed as well. Avoid having to sit next to, or in view of, the bathroom in the workplace.

In the Bedroom

In order to achieve a sense of well-being in the bedroom, be sure you can see the door when you are in bed. Do not, however, let the foot of the bed point directly to the door as the energy you gain while sleeping will work its way out of the room. The same goes for mirrors -- they should not be placed at the foot of the bed. In fact, it's wise to avoid using mirrors in the bedroom at all since they tend to funnel energy out of the room. For a restful feeling in the bedroom, light green tones are a good choice whereas anything heavy or dark should be avoided. The area under the bed should be kept clean and clear -- it's not a closet! Finally, don't sleep under exposed overhead beams and place your bed's headboard against a wall in order to feel grounded and secure.


If things are cooling in the relationship department, try spicing up the bedroom with red or pink tones. Pink satin sheets might do the trick, or consider a white vase full of red and pink blooms for a dash of romance. Another thing to keep in mind in a shared bedroom is paired items. Having two of anything is good -- a pair of night stands with matching lamps, for example. Pictures of happy couples are also a good idea. Furthermore, since gold and silver help make the bedroom more stable, consider a pair of silver candlesticks or other shiny items. Lastly, if you are having communication problems with your partner, make sure there are no beams in the room as they can divide or cut off the flow of conversation.


The use of vibrant tones such as red, purple and blue in the areas you devote to financial work serve to increase your chances of prosperity. Hanging a mirror in the work space will also aid in earning and keeping money. Wind chimes signal financial good fortune, so keep one hanging around. Be sure you sit facing the door, never with your back to it. A clear view of the door will help you feel more secure and allow you to be more productive.

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