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The 1st is a really, really particularly good day to step back, take a deep breath, stretch a little if you think it will help (and it most definitely will), breathe deep again, exhale, and evaluate. Yep, check it all out: What are you doing, how are you doing, how well are you doing it, are you happy, are the people involved with you happy, and so on. The 3rd, go ahead and draw a conclusion or two. By the 7th, you should be able to bring some of your friends from different parts of your life together -- and in so doing, you could find that you bring those different parts of your life together a little bit too. The 12th, things are going about as well as they could be. Feels pretty good, no? The 17th, pitch in, whether it's a work project or household tasks. The 22nd, if you've got any outstanding projects in the works, go ahead and start wrapping them up. Don't worry -- they'll turn out great. The 25th, you're finding a couple of very creative solutions to the problem of not getting enough rest (Thirty winks under the desk at work? Catnaps on the subway?). The 30th, reassess, again.

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